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14 unusual places to visit in St. Petersburg

14 unusual places to visit in St. Petersburg

The city of romance and white nights, luxurious palaces and gorgeous monuments, the city of bridges which attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists annually; of course, all these words are about beautiful Northern Capital of Russia — Saint Petersburg. If you have not been to this city yet I am terribly jealous of you because it is such an indescribable joy to see this beauty for the first time. Numerous museums, architectural styles and fancy sculptures await for you, within walking distance from anywhere in the city. Yet even if you visit Saint Petersburg often you should not be upset, as I can assure you, there are lots of places left undiscovered. Trust me, you can find not less interesting places among non-tourist sites, that will impress you and leave only pleasant memories.

Let's begin with the question — what do you imagine when you hear the word “museum”? Exhibits in spacious halls soaked with antiquity which you are not allowed to touch; old ladies in knitted waistcoats, busily sitting on carved chairs? Most likely, you answered yes. However, the world of museums is not boring at all. After visiting one of this museums you, probably, won't be able to stop searching for this excellent places to spend your holiday. I am sure, your native town hides such treasures too.

The Universe of Water museum complex

Photo #1

You may wonder, what new you can learn about water, but give a chance to this large museum complex, its creative design of interior, flowing just under your feet river Neva, and believe me, you will be impressed. Let me just give you an advice: don't take the tour. It's much more interesting to explore floor by floor by yourself.

The address of the museum complex is 56 Shpalernaya street (metro station Chernyshevskaya).

Sigmund Freud Museum of Dreams

Photo #2

Dream is a good thing, especially when the alarm clock doesn’t interrupt it with its annoying melody which reminds us of work. And who knew about the dreams more than good old Sigmund Freud. You may love or hate him but you can’t deny his significant contribution to psychology. Visit this cozy museum, immerse into its atmosphere, you may take the tour here — this hour will fly by. Who knows, maybe after visiting this museum you’ll see your own prophetic dream.

The address of the museum is 18A Bolshoy Prospekt P.S.

Ostap Bender’s museum

Photo #3

“He loved and suffered. He loved money and suffered from their lack.”

It’s hard to say how much qoutes of this character turned into sayings. Although Ostap Bender is just a character created by Soviet authors Ilya Ilf and Yevgeni Petrov, he is familiar to all Russians since childhood. If you have read The Twelve Chairs and The Little Golden Calf it will be definitely interesting for you to learn more about The Great Combinator’s life, as Ostap Bender is also called, and maybe you will be lucky enough to find “the key to the apartment where the money is.

The address of the museum is 104 Toreza pr.

And now it’s the time to enjoy sunny weather (at least we can dream of it) and go walking around the city. Fortunately, Saint Petersburg has enough worthy and unusual places for any duration of your stay here.

Miniature of Saint Petersburg

Photo #4

If there is no time for sightseeing at all, take a look at this park and then you can surely say that you have seen Saint Petersburg in all its glory. Miniatures are an absolute copy of their older counterparts, feels like you are a Gulliver! The only pity is that the rest of the tourists, unfortunately, are presented in full growth and you have to fight for a good shot, but is not the most famous one and there are not so much tourists there.

The address of the miniature is Aleksandrovskiy park (metro station Gorkovskaya).

Chinese Garden of Friendship

Photo #5

There is also a quiet and cozy place for lovers of Asia in St. Petersburg The garden is not very big, but its atmosphere is magical, especially in mid-early May. There is a very simple explanation for this phenomenon: during this period the Sakura blooms in the garden and fascinates visitors with its beauty and tenderness. It is the perfect place to catch Zen in the big city.

The address of the garden is 15-17 Liteiny pr. (metro station Chernyshevskaya).

The Datsan Gunzechoinei

Photo #6

Speaking of Eastern themes, you should probably pay attention to the unique Buddhist temple, which is the most northern object of such type. Its age is more than 100 years old, but it is perfectly combined with modern buildings.The temple gives atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Do not forget to look inside and appreciate the greatness of the five-meter Big Buddha. Admission is free on weekdays.

The address of the Datsan is 91 Primorskiy pr.

Saint Petersburg is rich with religious sites. We may not even mention how beautiful the Church of the Savior on Blood, St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral in Kronstadt or St. Isaac's Cathedral are, however, many tourists often stop at this, leaving out not less interesting, though not so famous cultural objects.

Tikhvin Church of the Old Believers

Photo #7

This is, of course, not the famous Kizhi Museum-Reserve, but there is something fascinating in such wooden buildings that makes you admire the skilful work of the ancient masters. Only few of such buildings have been preserved till nowadays.

The address of the church is 33/1 Leningradskoye shosse.

Gothic Chapel in Peterhof

Photo #8

The beautiful Gothic chapel located not far from Peterhof and, unfortunately, despite it is extraordinarily beautiful both with its facade and interior, its location is very good, the view from the hill is stunning, it does not receive due attention.Gothic style buildings have always attracted rapt views, and in thiscase, a visitor can admire this beauty as long as possible, sitting on a nearby bench in the shade of trees.

The address of the Chapel is park Aleksandria (Peterhof).

St. John Convent

Photo #9

One of the most beautiful monasteries of the end of the XIX century, and if the Byzantine Revival is not just a set of letters for you, then you will certainly appreciate the beauty of this shrine. The progenitor of this style was the world-famous Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, which now known to everyone as Istanbul, a city with a rich heritage and a unique location in Europe and Asia at the same time.

The address of the Convent is 45 nab, Reki Karpovki.

Speaking of architectural styles, the heart of the architecture-lover will forever be given to St. Petersburg, in which old wooden churches, luxuriously decorated palaces and estates are so skillfully combined. Beauty in this city awaits for you around every corner.

A House with the Tower on Leo Tolstoy Square

Photo #10

A residential house, telling its beautiful century-old history to tourists every day. It fits into the overall landscape with extraordinary ease, but with the same ease it catches the eyes of tourists and residents, every detail in it is thought out and beautiful. Would you like to live in a work of art?

The address of the house is 75 Bolshoy Prospekt P.S. / 35 Kamennoostrovskiy pr. / 2 Lva Tolstogo str.

Mansion of Baron Kelch

Photo #11

Another remarkable example of high craftsmanship of architecture. This house impresses with its wealth and luxury, and in the old days Easter collection of Faberge eggs stood out within its walls. When you touch such old buildings with your hand, it is as if you are transported centuries ago and you begin to feel the story that the beautiful pearl of the northern capital tells you secretly. The mansion is incredibly masterfully intertwined with completely different styles -baroque, romanticism, modern, rococo and even gothic -a truly unique piece of architecture!

The address of the mansion is 28 Chaikovskogo str.


Photo #12

This is a real fairytale town that can be appreciated both by parents and children. Despite Andersengrad is not in St. Petersburg, but it is definitely worth the time spent. The road to it goes through the famous Peterhof and continues along the coast, which, in itself, is a wonderful sight. The place is unusually atmospheric, takes its visitors to the old western Europe, and if you are lucky enough, you can get to the holidays that are held there regularly.

The address of the Andersengrad is 1B Solnechnaya str, Sosnoviy Bor, Leningrad region.

The Energy of Height

Photo #13

St. Petersburg has something to offer for lovers of active recreation too, and if you have never been to rope parks, then there will be a wonderful reason to fix it. This entertainment complex has recently opened and, at the moment, is the largest covered object of such type in Russia. So if the weather is bad, there is always a great way to spend the day.

The address is 14 Sofiyskaya str.


Photo #14

For those who are brave, fearless and want to see the city from a bird's eye view, a magical attraction -the airlift -was launched. By the way, it has no analogues in Russia yet. And if you are a young man and want to make a marriage proposal to your beloved one, then you definitely cannot find a better city and place! Regarding flights, it is better to find out in advance on the website; in case of strong wind the aerolift is not lifted for safety reasons.

The address of the aerolift is 5/2 Pirogovskaya nab.

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