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Where to eat in St. Petersburg?

Where to eat in St. Petersburg?

There are traditional dishes in many countries or cities that are associated exclusively with them, even one mention, a similar smell or taste is taking you to another point in the world. There are many examples: the famous Prague trdelnik, German sausages, French croissants, Thai Tom Yam, Indian curry… Of course, we can say that these dishes will not be difficult to find in the thematic restaurant of any city, but only the impressions will be completely different, because atmosphere and color which gave their taste and flavor to the dish, which forever received the status of a gastronomic business card of some place on the planet.

Petersburg also has its own distinctive taste. It is the taste of delicious sugar crumpets which is familiar to every resident of the city since childhood. Of course someone can call them donuts but only until they can taste them. Perhaps the form is one but these are completely different dishes. They are different just like Russian and Ukrainian borsch; Russian dumplings and Tatar; real Uzbek pilaf from rice porridge which we call the same word.

But there is another feature in the northern capital that is characteristic only for this city. If you ever went to the St. Petersburg cafe, dining room, pastry shop, you will never confuse them with any others. The city has penetrated so much into every detail, every brick, every inhabitant, that it’s impossible to repeat the taste and atmosphere of Peter in any other city in the world.

Pyshechnaya on Bolshaya Konyushennaya str.

Photo #1

Pyshechnaya is a small building, an inconspicuous and almost always open door, a modest sign «Pyshki» which can hardly be compared to the same «Shokoladnitsa» in scale. But have you ever seen a line ending far outside catering establishments. And this pyshechnaya boasts such and even with enviable regularity!

It is difficult to understand the Russian soul and especially the soul of a St. Petersburg man. For a foreign tourist to stand in anticipation for far from five minutes for the sake of baking and a cup of tea poured from a bucket this may seem like the greatest folly. But it lasts only until the moment when it is possible to bite off the first piece of such a long-awaited crumpet! Fresh, sweet, oily, with the scent of childhood and lightheartedness, any waiting will definitely be worth the reward.

The cafe owners were able to convey not just the St. Petersburg soul in this small room. When you go inside, as if effortlessly, you wind off decades ago and end up in Leningrad. Leningrad is such a simple and cozy city with no frills and deliberately contrived serving. There are a regular mug of the most ordinary tea, and not one that is now supposedly carefully hand-picked from the best plantations, the most common cut paper instead of napkins, the most common table with chairs. This is how the most ordinary place can become the most dear and beloved with all my heart.

Perhaps, this place is so loved and appreciated by Petersburg residents and tourists, because it brings us back to the inner child in each of us and makes us remember the main thing and rethink life values. It also gives people the opportunity to go on a new day and bring joy to this world with a fresh head, but with greasy and oiled hands.

The address of Pyshechnaya is 25 Bolshaya Konyushennaya st.

Koryushka Restoran

Photo #2

If a place with such a name could appear somewhere, it was only in Petersburg. Smelt (Koryushka in Russian) is definitely a very famous and important fish for our city, and in this restaurant it is also divinely prepared in all possible forms.

The restaurant is comfortably located near the Peter and Paul Fortress right on the bank of the Neva, so there is no reason to hope that the tables are released quickly. After all, everyone knows that you can endlessly look at the water, the beauty of St. Petersburg, and also the pleasure with which the residents and guests of the northern capital eat smelt a portion one after another!

The dishes here are just for every taste: excellent Georgian cuisine, unusual Asian, exquisite Italian and our native Russian cuisine. But only the pleasant atmosphere of St. Petersburg soars around and the best view of the city is simply not to be found.

Here, of course, you will not see a queue outside the entrance, but taking care of ordering a table is recommended beforehand. Petersburg residents and guests of the city really loved this place

The restaurant’s address is the Peter and Paul Fortress, 3.


Photo #3

Dumplings is one of the most beloved and popular dishes of all nations of the world. The debate about who first decided to put the meat stuffing in the dough old as the world and are a direct competitor to the «chicken or egg» dispute! Here you will definitely find dumplings (or pelmeni in Russian) for any taste: nourishing meaty or light vegetarian, kosher and not so much, vegetable or fruit, khinkali, ravioli, dim sum, khanum and etc. Our St. Petersburg masters will be able to wrap any product in your dough which you only wish. In addition, you can choose one of three available sizes: from “S” to “L”.

A simple pre-revolutionary interior makes this place great for a snack. People don’t stay here for a few hours, so a small book of Brodsky is unattractive to grab here.

Well, what can be counted in this cafe as a true Petersburg flavor, you ask, and the answer is very simple. Pelmenia is not a project of a businessman or a show business star, but, as befits a cultural capital, is the brainchild of the artist and sculptor Fyodor Krushelnitsky. Just like that, beauty and brevity in our city are waiting for you around every corner. Tourists cease to be surprised at such things after spending a couple of days in St. Petersburg, but simply begin to enjoy themselves.

The addresses of Pelmenia are 25 Reki Fontanki nab., 10/15 Razyezzhaya Str., 55 Kronverksky Ave., 11 Sredniy pr. VO, 8 Marata str, 14 Petrovsky pr.

Bakery of F. Volchek

Photo #4

Bakery F. Volchek is certainly not quite common in the general sense place of public catering, but not everyone can bring the most delicious specialty pastries beyond the threshold of the store. Therefore, we consider the famous Volchek bakery shops as favorite Petersburg mini-pastry shops.

The place is known for its cozy atmosphere and quite affordable prices for the metropolis as well as tasty tea and always the freshest assortment which will not leave indifferent any sweet tooth. For many Petersburg residents to run in before working in this bakery has become a tradition. And we can understand them. Who can resist such a wonderful breakfast which sets the tone for the whole working day?

The pastry chefs were able to keep the Soviet recipe and that unique taste that everyone has known since childhood. And the smell is simply divine immediately recall the pies from my grandmother's stove or buns.

But what natives always paid attention to was bread and this became especially noticeable in the post-war period. Far from every place now you can buy a half of bread or a loaf, and here even a bun will be cut in half.

The bakery's address is 27/1 Parachutnaya st.

Ryumochnaya on Pushkinskaya Street

Photo #5

There are really plenty of pubs all over Petersburg. However, the format of such establishments is not always clear to the guests of our city but in order to make things clearer you just have to go inside. Yes, there really is alcohol there but that was to be expected from the name. But the contingent is by no means an avid drinkers, so that all the unpleasant impressions of the name of this cafe are not justified.

Of course, we should not forget that in the cultural capital people also drink, as a rule, culturally. Most often in the pubs are going to students of theatrical institutions, artists, actors, freelancers. So you should not be surprised if at the next table someone starts reading the poems of the Silver Age and if at another table someone can continue the poem started.

The interior is very calm, quiet conversations are occasionally interrupted by the Hermitage Radio, but in fact, this is the atmosphere that invites conversations about art, new theatrical performances and great classics. In the pub there are no special frills or claims for chic, but there are familiar old magazines and newspapers, drafts and chess, as well as St. Petersburg air, which calls, like the lead singer of the famous Russian group Leningrad “to drink in St. Petersburg!”.

The address of Ryumochnaya is 1 Pushkinskaya St.

Dining room number 1

Photo #6

the word dining room contains an entire epoch for a Russian person, images of obese women in starched white caps and vigorous chemistry on the head, smell of soup from sauerkraut, compote in a faceted glass, an unstable table that needs to be kept from the reeling and low prices, of course.

This type of catering retained its relevance is not in every city. After all, breakfasts and business lunches at a discount can be obtained in any at least somehow oriented to ordinary poor people cafes and restaurants. But this is Petersburg which means everything is different here.

Dining room number 1 or rather their whole network are located beautifully in the center of our city. The dining room has an amazing work schedule from 7 am to 11 pm. And some work around the clock! In any other popular metropolis with tourists tidbits of the center are literally torn off by enterprising businessmen in order to get the greatest profit. But again we remember where we are. So get a couple of hundred and go on looking down on Liteyny Bridge located nearby.

So, the northern capital greets guests simply and generously; everyone knows about the broad Russian soul. But there is also the soul of St. Petersburg, here you will not find rivals anywhere in its breadth, and of course, all this is supported by free WI-FI!

The address of one of the dining rooms is 2 Finland Station.

The Republic of cats

Photo #7

It may be a feeling that the spirit of St. Petersburg can be met only in old catering buildings saturated with rich and, perhaps, centuries-old history but this is not at all the case. The city knows how to surprise and since 2011 it launched the first real cat’s cafe in Europe. No, of course, these are not the most ordinary cats, we are in the cultural capital. Therefore, cats are also cultural — hermitage cats. In St. Petersburg they can be defined as a new subspecies.

And in the cafe you can not only have a tasty snack with a couple of desserts and buy funny souvenirs with the theme of tailed brethren, but also find a pet for yourself. Needless to say how pleasant and peaceful the atmosphere is in this place, ideal for relaxing after a hard day’s work or for soothing tired legs that came to this half of the city!

In such an interesting and useful way you can spend time in one of the most unusual public catering facilities of our city. As practice shows who came once will definitely return again, at least for another divine sour cream, at most for another four-legged friend!

The addresses of the Republic of cats are 60 Liteyny pr., 10 Yakubovicha st.

Restaurant «LarisuVannuHochu.»

Photo #8

What can find a traveler in a restaurant with such an interesting name? LarisaVannuHochu is a great cozy interior that will make you remember all the most famous phrases from the great Soviet film “Mimino”. Moreover, here you will be perfectly understood if you suddenly want to call the waiter in the manner of a Georgian accent.

Often the restaurant hosts themed festivals, children's and adult holidays and even new-fangled quests. The traditional russian game “Classics” are drawn on the floor as an original design move. And anyone who wants to recall youth can quite afford it. So, this place can boast not only the opportunity to arrange a real feast for the abdomen, but also simply the status of a wonderful little corner in the megalopolis for the soul.

There is also a wonderful children's room here, so that tired tourists and their little tourists who were present during the day will be able to rest as soon as their heart desires!

But still, why this restaurant can be counted among the true Petersburg, I think many already guess. And you are absolutely right, in this unusual place they serve almost the most delicious shawarma in the city!

The restaurant’s address is 14/1 A Nauky pr.

Cheburechnaya Brynza

Photo #9

It can be noted that Petersburg binds some inexplicable love for the dough and everything that can be put into it. Apparently because of such a call of the heart a network of Cheburechnaya popular in St. Petersburg has opened. There are no interior delights or original design of the room, there are chebureki. Many delicious and stuffed for all occasions chebureks. In any case, no one has yet left the hungry!

And since the city does not lose its beauty even at night tourists also prefer to be able to eat properly around the clock. Said and done, and fresh fragrant pasties are waiting for their visitors at any time of the day, but the menu does not end there. So you can forget about calorie restriction and not deny yourself anything.

In the «Brynza» it is not often possible to meet empty tables, because many tourists have chosen this place as a kind of waiting room. And who knows, maybe this catering network was created with the aim of not only feeding, but also becoming a cozy place for very early birds!

The address of cafe is 50 A Nevsky Prospect.

Literary Café

Photo #10

This place has a special meaning for city residents. The restaurant is filled with a rich and, at the same time, tragic history. Standing just outside these doors, Pushkin was waiting for his second. From here he saw the beauty of Nevsky Prospect, to which it was no longer destined to return. Here, the last glass of water was drunk before the event, which took away the Great Poet from Russia!

The Poet's dead! — a slave to honor -

He fell, by rumor slandered,

Lead in his breast and thirsting for revenge,

Hanging his proud head!…

The Poet's soul could not endure

Petty insult's disgrace.

Against society he rose,

Alone, as always…and was slain!

The famous poem of the young Lermontov was first read in this cafe a couple of days after the tragedy.

Nowadays, poems by wonderful poets who used to come here are also often heard in the Literary Cafe. The unique salon interior of the XIX century easily takes visitors into the past from which you don’t always want to return quickly.

Petersburg residents love and appreciate this place very much. It reminds many of the great literary heritage of the country every day. This is the whole of Petersburg! He gladly keeps the traditions and is the most careful keeper of his history!

The address of the literary cafe is 18 Nevsky Prospect.

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