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Unusual courtyards of St. Petersburg

Unusual courtyards of St. Petersburg

There is hardly to find any other city that can boast that tourists come not only to look at architectural masterpieces or great works of art. Tourists also come to just walk along the streets of the city and watch the interesting lifestyle of the locals, many of whom, have created beauty around their homes themselves.

We can hear conversations about the comfort zone very often, from all sides. For some the comfort zone is their room, for others — the whole apartment or house. Most people live this way but not in St. Petersburg. In this city you feel comfortable not only in your apartment but also when you leave it: in the entrance lobby, in the courtyard, on the street. There is a pleasant feeling when you wake up early in the morning, and go out on an gray, rainy day, and try to plunge into an atmosphere that can make you smile and look at what is happening from a different angle. Even the weather ceases to seem so gloomy, because rain is just a stage of the rebirth of nature, which with a new breath of rain water and air begins to shine and live again.

It may seem weird, because they are just ordinary people like you and me, but they just stood up and made one big piece of art out of their city. It is for such man-made places I suggest to go and walk.

The mosaic courtyard

Photo #1

Hard to believe that just recently this quiet and cozy courtyard, which has managed to hide from prying eyes in the center of St. Petersburg, was one of the 1,000 gray and not much different from each other courts of the city. But everything changed because of one thought of a caring person who simply felt in love with the city, which later became his family and turned into one big art workshop.

The mosaic courtyard is a hand-made miracle of the artist Vladimir Lubenko, created without any financial support. I do not know what prompted him to implement such a masterpiece, perhaps inspiration by another master, who tried to make this world a little bit better, brighter and more attractive. Avid travelers spend some parallel with the great Gaudi, and the truth is there is something similar in their creations.

So it turns out that an irresistible desire for beauty and a pair of free hands can turn an ordinary residential courtyard, of which there are millions, into a real object of art.

The address of courtyard is 2 Chaikovskogo str.

Yard «Emerald City»

Photo #2

Emerald City is a very atmospheric place which easily transfers to childhood at the moment of evening magic, when the child with bated breath listened attentively and sincerely worried about the heroes of the beloved fairy tale.

Visitors walking along this courtyard like Ellie and Totoshka walk along the uncharted path paved with yellow brick and meet Iron Man, Cowardly Lion and Scarecrow on their way. Many dangers await heroes around. Saber-toothed tigers, Flying monkeys jumping on the walls of houses. The masters tried their best, they managed to create a pictorial picture on the scale of an ordinary courtyard.

It would be great to go to the almighty Goodwin right now. It is surprising that decades later, everything that the heroes of a fairy tale asked themselves quite long ago, remains relevant to this day.

The address is 2-8 Pravda Street.

The courtyard of Little Prince

Photo #3

Fairy-tale themes remain very relevant and can be traced in many objects of our beloved city. For the second decade a quiet and cozy garden suddenly appeared in one of the courtyards is pleasing to the eye of the residents of the northern capital and attracts tourists to itself.

There is little that binds him with the title, although it can be like the great work of Antoine de Saint-Exupery here is hidden deep meaning. Perhaps it was he who was guided by an ordinary pensioner who wanted to change what was within his power.

“'When you've finished washing and dressing each morning, you must tend your planet. You must be sure you pull up the baobabs regularly, as soon as you can tell them apart from the rosebushes, which they closely resemble when they're very young. It's very tedious work, but very easy.”

It is Wonderful quote, isn't it? It would be great at least sometimes be guided by this advice. It is weird enough, such a wonderful place was appeared from disorder. And now people come to see even from the other end of the country.

An indifferent pensioner collected the composition of the courtyard from things that became rubbish for someone and as a result the sphinx thrown out by the neighboring restaurant found its new place and unnecessary clay vases of which very soon colorful and fragrant buds would appear occupied their niches.

Thus, through the efforts of a single elderly person, the residents of the city of the white nights found another courtyard for which tourists love this city dearly.

The courtyard’s address is 31 Grazhdansky pr.

Poultry yard

Photo #4

One of the Well Courts, of which there are many in St. Petersburg, was transformed by an ordinary but not indifferent resident of this fabulous town. New birds still show up here. There are wooden figures, bronze sculptures, and magnificent paintings on the walls.

So, over the years, the content will become more and more interesting. Now, volunteers appear to give out birds from their collections for this interesting composition.

The address is 11 Nevsky Prospect, entrance from Kirpichny Lane.

Round yard with evergreen tree

Photo #5

The round yard with an evergreen tree is another one of the well-known courtyards of St. Petersburg. But he has several differences that make this amazing place not at all like its architectural fellows.

Firstly the perfect octagonal window into the sky which is beautiful on a sunny summer day allowing you to admire peacefully floating on the blue clouds and a cloudless night when millions of stars illuminate a very small patch of the courtyard.

Secondly the endless thrust of the tenants of the house to beauty which is intertwined with an excellent sense of humor. The fact is that the light was catastrophically lacking for the plants sharpened in this well and the locals came up with a wonderful way out of this situation. They planted a cast-iron tree in the center of their courtyard, which they then called evergreen. There is a local legend that this tree fulfills any desire, you only need to touch its branches.

The address is 1B Small pr.

The angel’s courtyard

Photo #6

One more interesting instance completes our selection of courtyards. Few people know about its existence although the courtyard is located in the center of St. Petersburg. Its name was given by the unusual form of a window into the sky a bit like an angel's wing. Although there can be no definite answer here because every visitor to this small place will see something of his own that will be close to his soul and feelings.

Well, of course the legends have not bypassed this courtyard. The first legend says that in this place all desires come true, you only need to wish them correctly. You must stand under the arch and choose the most cherished desire from the entire list of your desires and if you believe in the power of this place then everything that is made up will surely come true.

The second legend is more magical. Rumor has it that angels appear in this courtyard and can even be seen. Angels are shown only to people who are pure in their soul and thoughts. But the ritual that needs to be observed for the miracle does happen is too complicated and does not have a clear description. So seeing an angel in our time is not a simple task.

The address is 3 Nevsky Pr.

Parisian courtyard

Photo #7

Parisian courtyard is one of the new courtyards in St. Petersburg, which instantly gained popularity and now gathers many guests of our city on its rather big territory.

Of course, few people are surprised by a copy of the Eiffel Tower now, many cities in different countries copy this famous symbol of Paris. And Russians call some of its villages as the capital of France.

But now we are not talking about that. What is unique in this yard? The neighborhood was built up not so long ago, so the tenants are beginning to taste the benefits of the 21st century in full, there is not a single car in front of the house, because the yard itself is located above the underground parking.

Entrance to the playground passes through the Arc de Triomphe this is what it means to really get used to architectural values! A small cozy public garden with the Louvre pyramid located in the center, which has become the most visited place for couples, is immediately broken.

And even though the house itself cannot be counted among the works of modern art, it has an original feature. The name of each of the entrances coincides with a particular province of France and lampposts are stylized as famous metro stations. These are the original solutions for modern development, here it is the scope of the Russian soul, buying an apartment, choosing a French province for a happy life in St. Petersburg.

The address is 63/1 Kosmonavtov pr.

The italian courtyard

Photo #8

Residents of one of the houses in the center of St. Petersburg decided to paint the boring walls of their yard 6 years ago to create comfort and good mood. Thus, the magnificent unofficial landmark of our city was born, which every day gives every visitor a bright, sunny atmosphere of Italy, and this is exactly what should be in the street of the same name. The central place, which is very characteristic of this country, was occupied by a huge Colosseum, in its beauty, barely inferior to the original.

The territory of the courtyard is very well-kept and green. Locals pay great attention and try to maintain their personal work of art in its original form. Ivy winds along the walls smoothly transferring attention from the Colosseum to Venetian motifs. The magnificent composition is complemented in the summer by a working fountain which is pleasant to admire sitting next to you on cozy benches.

Many residents of these houses do not mind letting tourists in order to make a couple of beautiful photos despite the fact that the courtyard is often closed.

The address is 29 Italian st.

The courtyard of Zodiac sign

Photo #9

One of the very interesting and mysterious places of St. Petersburg was hidden from prying eyes by the houses standing nearby. Not so long ago, in the center of this courtyard was made a composition of 12 Zodiac Signs, in the manner of the famous English Stonehenge all over the world.

This composition will celebrate its first anniversary next year. It will be already 10 years as the curious residents and guests of the capital solve the mystery of this mysterious place.

This courtyard is shrouded in mysticism and legends. Rumor has it that at some point the column of Sagittarius suddenly disappeared in an unknown direction and with the same surprise safely returned to its place safe and sound. So it is still not clear why someone needed this fire sign of the zodiac and what forces forced him to return to his rightful place.

Another mystery that guests and residents of St. Petersburg cannot solve is why the columns of Virgo and Aquarius signs differ from the 10 remaining brethren. So, the architect intrigued the future visitors to this public garden leaving only a huge field for reflection.

Of course, there is a legend that you can find out your destiny or your dream comes true putting a hand on a column of your zodiac sign. Petersburg is a truly unique city that is able to fulfill dreams even in an ordinary residential courtyard.

The address is 9 Volokolamsky Pereulok.

Courtyard of the Faculty of Philology of St. Petersburg State University

Photo #10

At the beginning in the courtyard only one sculpture was installed, and now it is a whole park that has collected a unique collection to look at which entire groups of tourists come. The collected sculptures are difficult to combine with one single theme, perhaps, just the beauty of it lies in their dissimilarity.

The famous Gogol Nose flaunts here, the baby Hippo Tonya stands in the neighborhood, a snail frozen in its unhurried rhythm of life and many other unusually interesting sculptures. These sculptures were able to create a mysterious atmosphere of the courtyard where you want to stay as long as possible timidly hoping that yard will reveal all his secrets to a random guest.

Unfortunately, you can not come here every day, only on Saturdays and with a passport.

The address is 11 Universitetskaya Emb.

Indeed, Petersburg is rich like no other city in its bizarre monuments that can be hidden around every corner and wait for the traveler in the most unusual places, including under the roof of the house. We will get to know and meet them very soon.

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