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The most interesting monuments of St. Petersburg

The most interesting monuments of St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg has one remarkable feature that attracts numerous tourists each year. The thing is that whatever you came to St. Petersburg for, you will definitely find it. Russian Northern capital literally hides another masterpiece behind every corner. It may be a beautiful bridge that tenderly covers Neva the river, or an old house that saw Peter the Great himself. The works of art are hidden here, old or new, immense or tiny, posh or homely, and you will surely find something that you will remember forever.

And it is monuments that Saint Petersburg is really rich of. They can be seen on every street, in almost every yard, somewhere they are located on luxurious pedestals, in other places they are sitting comfortably on a bench, and some are watching us from roofs with love.

What is remarkable, the monuments, like the city itself, are very open, kind, with a beautiful soul. Some of them do not have faces, while others, on the contrary, look so piercingly and deeply that it can be difficult to look away. Some of them stopped waiting for the meeting, while others devote their whole life to their favorite work. They are so different, but they certainly occupy an important place in the heart of the city, add originality and uniqueness to it, and are always happy to catch even the passing views of guests and residents of St. Petersburg on themselves.

The statue of Chizhik-Pyzhik

Photo #1

It is even hard to imagine that St. Petersburg once lived without this small bird, which is the smallest monument in the city and probably the most beloved. In general, the word «most» is able to describe this work of art best! This is the most frequently stolen monument in the whole country, at the moment it is precisely known about seven abductions! However, to deliver the most recognizable bird in St. Petersburg to the reception center of the same city is definitely not the best idea, so the locals almost always have managed to bring the bird home.

Chizhik-Pyzhik, where've you been?

Drank vodka on the Fontanka.

Took a shot, took another -

Got dizzy.

Almost all russians remember by heart this quatrain since childhood, but not everyone knows that the humorous poem is not about the bird at all. As early as the in 19th century a school was located on this embankment, the students of which wore an unusual green uniform with yellow buttonholes, and the posture of young people was so great and pompous that they were called Chizhik-Pyzhik among the people, and as we know, funny nicknames take root for a very long time. So this case is no exception, neither the school nor its students no longer exist, but the bird with a funny name is still living.

Tourists are also very fond of this bird. Even a special ritual appeared: everyone who really wants to fulfill the most secret desire, throws a coin to Chizhik-Pyzhik, and if the bird approves the desire, and the coin lingers on the pedestal, then the wish will come true.

Address: Fontanka Embankment 2.

St. Petersburg’s Angel

Photo #2

And if Chizhik-Pyzhik is the heart of St. Petersburg, then this small and fabulous angel is definitely its soul. The friendly old man with an umbrella and wings on his back, sitting on the back of a bench in Izmailovsky Park, is very popular within the guests and residents of the city. It’s very difficult to call him a monument, he is so lively and full of rights in St. Petersburg, well-read and always ready for rain.

The place next to him is rarely empty, because not every day you are given the opportunity to sit in silence with the angel, tell him about your thoughts and cherished desires, share problems or joy, or just read the book in silence. And many have made it a rule to leave coins on tshi good grandfather’s lap, because in this way the angel will surely be able to help those who really need it.

Address: Izmailovsky Park.

The Rain Sculpture

Photo #3

If somewhere such a monument should have appeared, then it definitely must have been St. Petersburg. An umbrella can probably be considered as one of the unspoken symbols of our city, and every St. Petersburg resident has a whole collection of this irreplaceable accessory at home. We can only wonder why this monument appeared so late, because jokes and conversations have been going on for years about the changeable weather of the city on the Neva.

Meanwhile, locals got used to the rain a long time ago, learned to find unusual beauty in it, because as we all know, after the rain the sun always appears, which again and again illuminates with its light ancient bridges, magnificent parks and palace complexes, small streets and cozy courtyards. St. Petersburg, probably, can no longer live without rain, just like the rain can no longer live without St. Petersburg.

Address: 1st Krasnoarmeyskaya st. 15.

The Statue of the Hare

Photo #4

It may seem to be an absolutely unremarkable monument, but everyone starts to treat it quite differently, after finding out the interesting history of this animal. According to the legend, the hare fell into the flood, but was able to escape by making a jump and landing successfully on the boot of Peter the Great himself. According to another version, the same bunny, running away from the predator, jumped into Peter's arms, in any of these options the animal managed to escape and tied his history with the great and beloved the first Russian Emperor.

The name of the island stuck, now everyone knows it as Hare Island. And a small monument found its place and became popular within the residents and guests of St. Petersburg, it became a kind of talisman. It is from this inconspicuous sculpture that, as many argue, the city’s love for such small but significant objects began.

Address: Hare Island.

The Monument to the Stickleback

Photo #5

There is no such monument anywhere else in the world, perhaps from the fact that this fish is not particularly remarkable, and perhaps people just do not know about its existence, many, but not the dwellers of Leningrad!

This little fish saved thousands of lives during the Siege of Leningrad. And the saved ones are still grateful to it, this can be seen from the abundance of flowers that people carry on January 27, the Day the siege was lifted, to this unique monument hidden from most eyes. But those who know the price will always be able to find it. St. Petersburg like no other city honors its history from generation to generation.

Address: Kronstadt, Karl Marx st. 1/1.

The sculpture of Tsar-carpenter

Photo #6

If you ask people about the monuments to Peter I, the Bronze Horseman will undoubtedly be the most popular answer, but St. Petersburg would not have been St. Petersburg if it had not praised the work and did not value the simple profession equally with greatness.

Peter I studied shipbuilding, so the monument is absolutely logical in its subject matter, however, there were times when it was considered unworthy, even ugly, exposing the king not in the best light. For many years, this masterpiece stood on the outskirts until it became completely unusable and, unfortunately, the original was indeed destroyed. But thanks to the Dutch copy of this work of art, this unique monument nowadays stands on its rightful place and sends greetings to its Dutch twin brother.

Address: Admiralty Embankment 6.

The Sculpture of a water carrier

Photo #7

Monument to another very necessary and important profession in the past centuries. During the absence of a water supply system, water had to be transported in barrels until the 18th century, and for different needs the water was different. The locals distinguished it very simply, just by the color of those barrels in which they carried it.

The most necessary water — drinking water, was transported, as a rule, in white barrels, and it was necessary to go after it to the Neva, and the horse-drawn transport served as a great helper in this matter. Such water was decently more expensive than, for example, similar, but dirty from the Moyka river, but no one was going to save on clean water, or almost none.

The more cunning traders sold barrels with dirty water as with the drinking one, but for such offenders there was a special harsh punishment: deceived people took horses away from fraudsters and they had to carry very heavy barrels themselves. The profession, of course, has long been forgotten, but such monuments serve as an excellent memory of past days.

Address: Shpalernaya st. 56.

The sculpture of a chimney sweep

Photo #8

Another forgotten profession, but at the same time considered very honorable in past centuries. Although, who knows, maybe soon these people soiled with soot will begin to appear again, only now near modern houses with improved fireplaces.

In the meantime, a cheerful young man looks at passers-by from his height, smiles at them and wishes a wonderful day. This monument is located, as befits a given profession, closer to the roof of one of the St. Petersburg houses, so not everyone notices such a perky person in a top hat.

Once to meet a chimney sweep was considered a good sign and promised fulfillment of cherished desires, it was enough to try to catch the eye of these clever young people and have time to greet them. But the St. Petersburg chimney sweep is always in its place, not in a hurry and ready to fulfill the wishes of everyone who passes by.

Address: Bolshaya Moskovskaya st. 5.

The statue of a lamplighter

Photo #9

Another profession, once useful, and now remaining only in memories and perpetuated in such interesting forms. What is especially remarkable, St. Petersburg was the first city in which lanterns were once hung. At the very beginning, the light was lit only on special occasions, but very soon the number of lanterns increased to half a thousand, at the same time they began to light the streets of their hometown regularly.

It was at that distant time that such an amazing profession appeared, the lamplighters illuminated the city in the evening darkness, as if with magic, and by morning they transferred their powers to the sunlight. But as the years went on, the lighting changed to electric and the whole profession was a thing of the past, in the thirties of the twentieth century, the city finally ceased to need people who the day after day lit up the lights on the road for the late travelers.

Address: Odesskaya st. 11.

The statue of the photographer

Photo #10

This is not just a collective image, as it may seem at the very beginning, it is a monument to a specific photographer, who left behind him invaluable pictures, by which we still learn the history of our country.

Before us is Karl Bulla, a German born who lived long in St. Petersburg and captured the Russian soul. His camera was lucky to capture not only famous people, but also historical persons of the first magnitude, it was he who showed us Nicholas II and Leo Tolstoy. He managed to save for us the moments of the Russian-Japanese war. Before Karl Bulla, no one worked in the field of photography, in many respects he became a pioneer.

This unusual monument of an ordinary but talented person decorates our city, a favorite place for wedding photos. Did Karl know that the art of photography would go so far?

Address: Malaya Sadovaya St. 3.

The statue of a manager

Photo #11

There are monuments dedicated to new professions in our city. This object will definitely attract attention, make you want to know its history, to unravel its unusual image, because if you compare it with the same water carrier, chimney sweep, lamplighter, there were personalities, individualities, with their own and unique features.

Everything is much simpler with the manager. Outwardly it looks like a robot, does not have its core and character, a kind of faceless creature, looking on its computer screen. Moreover, this person is sitting on an incomplete bench and, perhaps, he is about to fall or break his working tool. I wonder what will happen to him then?

There are many ways in which this sculpture can be described, but what the authors wanted to put into it may remain a mystery, another interesting mystery that majestic St. Petersburg will present to you.

Address: Aptekarskaya Embankment 20.

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