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The licensed private guides in Moscow

All our individual guides have the appropriate licenses for excursions in Moscow.
Languages: russian
Types of excursions: sightseeing
Krasnyuk Elena Mihaylovna
Languages: english
Koroshchenko Elena Petrovna
Languages: english, french
Types of excursions: sightseeing, museums
Education: Social cultural services and tourism.
Tlif Ruslan Ruslanovich

Moscow is the capital of Russia. This is a big and interesting city with a rich history. The streets of Moscow keep the secrets of many great poets and writers, artists and architects, revolutionaries and palace nobles. If you are the first time in this big city, you will definitely need a guide who will show the main sights, tell a story and take you to the most interesting places of the city.

Popular excursions in Moscow

Want to see the treasures of the Kremlin? Excursion to the Diamond Fund will be the most memorable in your life. You will see with your own eyes the real nuggets, jewels and other symbols of the state beginning in royal times. The journey will start from the Red Square which keeps no less history than the Foundation itself. In addition to the diamond fund, you can:

  • Visit the world famous film studio Mosfilm. Get acquainted with the process of creating your favorite movies and even see celebrities.
  • Inspect the capital from the highest point of Russia — the viewing tower «Federation» which is located in the complex «Moscow City».
  • See the historic center and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.
  • Visit one of the most famous weapon museums, see the unique collection of gifts and trophies of the great kings. There is even a great Monomakh hat. Of course, they will not give it to wear but at least you will see it.

Unusual tours of the capital.

If you are not interested in standard tours, you can get to know Moscow from the other side. A professional guide will take you along the roof of Moscow houses, where you can see the whole city from a bird's eye view. New horizons will open up for you. The main feature of this journey is the choice of paths. It all depends on your skills and physical fitness.

If it is not interesting to look from a height, you can try to get to know Moscow from underground, traveling through various tunnels and caves. Especially a tour of the Neglinka’s catacombs is fascinating.

How to choose a guide in Moscow

If you are already eager to travel around Moscow you need to choose a guide who will help you find out everything you have wanted for so long. Be careful when choosing a specialist. In order for him to meet your expectations, you need to make sure of his knowledge of the language, rufer skills (if it is a trip over the rooftops), physical fitness and knowledge of the terrain.

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